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Team 4276 | Viking Robotics
Huntington Beach, CA


[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Team 3309 | Friarbots” pin_address=”1952 West La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92801, USA” pin_address_lat=”33.8455083″ pin_address_lng=”-117.94932699999998″]

Team 3309 | Firarbots
Anaheim, CA


[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Team 2496 | Tru Blu” pin_address=”3588 Bryan Avenue, Irvine, CA 92602, USA” pin_address_lat=”33.7176204″ pin_address_lng=”-117.78246739999997″ /][et_pb_map_pin title=”Team 3473 | Sprocket ” pin_address=”Diamond Bar High School, 21400 Pathfinder Road, Diamond Bar, CA 91765, USA” pin_address_lat=”33.9826639″ pin_address_lng=”-117.8390776″]

Team 3473 | Sprocket
Diamond Bar, CA


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