Founded in 2012, the Orange County Robotics alliance aims to amplify the impact of FIRST Robotics in Orange County by facilitating coopertition between teams, interaction between students and mentors, and broad public awareness.

  • Megan Guttieri
    Megan GuttieriSenior Student Director

    Megan is a Senior Student Director of the Orange County Robotics Alliance and currently head of Funding for Team 3309. FIRST is her passion and her favorite FRC Team is 1114. Other than going to the Robohouse, Megan loves going to Disneyland.

  • Jonathan “Jon” Logrippo
    Jonathan “Jon” LogrippoJunior Student Director

    Jon is the Junior Student Director of the Orange County Robotics Alliance as well as a sophomore member of FRC Team 3309 “The Friarbots”. Logrippo loves reaching out to his surrounding community through FIRST and likes to think big. Besides robotics, he also loves camping, hiking, and biking.

  • Bryan Arevalo
    Bryan ArevaloPR Director

    Bryan is the P.R. director of the Orange County Robotics Alliance as well as a senior member for team 4574, “The Average Joe’s.” Bryan likes to help spread FIRST through FLL teams and when he is not building bots he is probably with his friends singing a pitiful rendition of a popular song at a karaoke party.

  • Jonathan Stokes
    Jonathan StokesMentor

    Jonathan currently is the lead mentor for Tru Blu Robotics Team 2496, and was previously a member and mentor for the World Champion Team 1671 the Buchanan Bird Brains. Jonathan has been involved with FIRST for over 10 years, and has a Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the California State University Fresno, and a Master’s in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the University of California Irvine (UCI). Jonathan plans to continue his studies at UCI in order to obtain his PhD.

  • David Carr
    David CarrCo-Founder

    David is a mentor and alum of Team 3309 and co-founder of the Orange County Robotics Alliance.  He has been participating in FIRST since 2009. He graduated from USC with a degree in Computer Science and currently works as a software engineer at Periscope/Twitter.

  • Shelley Nordman
    Shelley NordmanMentor Advisor

    Shelley Nordman is currently the Lead Mentor of Code Orange FRC 3476 and a Mentor Advisor to the Orange County Robotic Alliance.  A hand full of families started Code Orange in her living room six years ago and their participation in FRC has been an amazing adventure ever since.  She earned a B.S., D.D.S. and M.S.(Orthodontics) from Loma Linda University back in the murky depths of the pre-modern era and has loved homeschooling their three kids, two of whom have graduated and are enjoying college.

  • Mark Sheridan
    Mark SheridanMentor Advisor

    Mark is a mentor for Code Orange FRC 3476.   He has been competing in FIRST since 2002.   He earned his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University.  He currently works as an R&D Engineer for Acutus Medical.

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